1. Install first 'MCR' (MCR is a copy of the standalone MATLAB Runtime, a set of shared libraries that enables the execution of compiled MATLAB applications or components on computers that do not have MATLAB installed. Needed in all cases to execute iodaq. See more on
2. Then install preferably last available version of iodaq (or an older version).

Hardware's drivers:
- In case you intend to use a NI or a MCC driver, and you have not already successfully installed it on your system, you can use the standard driver versions available here ('NI driver' or 'MCC driver').
- In case you intend to use a native hardware or for ex. generic USB stereo audio codecs, check that these hardware's are installed properly on your system prior to execute iodaq.

Troubleshooting at installation: make sure that the MCR program is not rejected in the 'quarantine list' in your anti-virus software.

Licences, registration, restrictions for iodaq: no licence, no registration, no restrictions.

iodaq is developed by IAV Engineering SARL and iodaq® is a trademark IAV Engineering SARL.

  • MCR 2014B (28/10/2014) - 671 MB
  • MCC Driver 6.35 (06/03/2015) - 34 MB
  • NI Driver 14.5 (06/03/2015) - 174 MB
  • iodaq V0.073 (26/05/2015) - 3.38 MB
    (MCR : 2014b)
  • iodaq V0.071 (20/05/2015) - 3.38 MB
    (MCR : 2014b)
  • MCR 2017B (21/09/2017) - 1364 MB
  • MCC Driver 6.55 (20/07/2017) - 20 MB
  • NI Driver 14.5 (06/03/2015) - 174 MB
  • iodaq V0.203 (14/02/2018) - 22.88 MB
    (MCR : 2017b)